Do you need to outsource writing?

Don't have time to search for fresh ideas or to write content?
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My work as a health writer:
  • Research health-related topics

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest health news

  • Build trust with your audience

  • Establish your reputation as a thought leader in your field 


Who do I write for?


I write content for businesses in the health, fitness, food, and nutrition industries. 


What are the benefits of working with me?

  • Evidence-based, high-quality content from valid sources

  • Expertise as an English native writer, linguist, and translator

  • Certified in Lifestyle Medicine (LM), Inbound Marketing, and Digital Marketing to bring you the best up-to-date services

  • Proximity. I service small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland. I know the culture and different markets

  • Knowledge and passion for all areas of natural health



What can I do for you?



Need content for blog posts, articles, white papers, email campaigns, ebooks and more?


Need a story that will grab your audience and introduce your products or services?


Need to know how to drive the right traffic to your website?


Need help with your content  and online strategy?

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