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My favorite health books

My favorite books on natural health


Welcome to all of you health readers!

The path to optimal health is paved with prevention - and lifestyle choices. We all have the possibility of living in good health and happiness - no matter the age.


Speaking of age, how we treat our body today determines the health we have in our older years.

Here are my favorite books on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, natural therapies, and more. They are written by specialists in each field. Some of these books aren't recent, but are classics and so are kept as reference books. 

I'll be regularly adding to this list as a service to you.

I welcome any suggestions of books in natural health that you feel could be useful. Please let me know by typing in the name of the book in the message box here.

Thanks and take care.

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I am happy to be working as an Amazon Associate. 

If you'd like to buy a book, simply click on the image and the link will take you to Amazon.

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