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  • Linda Salamin

How to be happier in eight steps

OK, life isn't a bowl of cherries. And some of us were born into more difficult situations than others.

The self-pity stops there.

Our past shouldn't define who we are now - today.

Are we helpless creatures accepting the cards life deals us - like it or not?

The answer to that question is a firm - no.

We have the power and can influence a lot of what is happening to us.

The work that needs to be done is mostly inside of us. That's right. Whether we like it or not - we are solely responsible for our lives. This means that if we aren't happy with it - then we - and only we should do something about it.

If you are wondering how to take charge of your life to make the positive changes you want - here are eight ways.

Eight changes that will make a difference in your life - now

1. Self-care

It doesn't matter how old we are, we need to take care of our body. This can be as simple as going to the dentist, getting regular exercise, reducing abuses such as alcohol and cigarettes. Or maybe there are more serious health issues such as unexplained pains, lumps, or swelling, that should to be seen by a health care professional. Is your vision good? How is your diet? What we choose to put into our bodies has a consequence. For example, consuming processed foods with dangerous additives carries long-term health issues. Get adequate sleep. Address stress problems. What are the solutions?

If you have psychological problems - deal with them. Seek the help you need to get past this. Our mental state has a direct influence on overall health.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

2. Have self-compassion

Love yourself. This may seem odd, but we are our worst enemies. Forgive yourself for past failures and all the times when you weren't happy with what you did. If you don't love yourself - you can't love others. And you can't have compassion for others.

3. Drop the baggage - travel lightly

Forgive people who have hurt you along the way of life's trials and tribulations. Forgive wrongdoings and unfair situations. Don't hold on to these things. They weigh you down and harm you by having you see the dark side.

4. Deal with grieving

We can carry around grief all of our lives. This could be the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship or even dreams that never came true. This causes sadness and impacts our decisions and our relationships. It's normal to grieve losses, but if you find that you can't let go, then seek professional help. This could help you deal with the loss and move on.

5. Help others

Helping others gives us a warm feeling of community. This can be very small such as helping a colleague with a task, taking care of your grandchildren, helping an elderly person cross the street, or just smiling at the cashier at the supermarket. We can all do something to reach out to another person. And help in a very small way - a small way that can mean so much. It carries the message - yes, I care. Try it and see how you feel.

6. Change your mindset

Some of us naturally see the glass half empty. This puts a permanent negative filter on our lives. Be self-aware of this. Seeing the glass half full puts more light in our days. Avoid being with people who are constantly negative or try to get them to see a brighter side. Being negative doesn't change anything and can impact your health negatively.

7. Have gratitude

Nothing is perfect on this earth. We all wish we could have more of this, less of that, do this or do that. It helps to stop and list the things we are grateful for. Nothing should be taken for granted. If you are healthy, be thankful for that. If you have a caring family, be thankful for that. We often see the value of things once we have lost them. Try to value what you have now.

8. See reality as it is

Being unhappy means that your situation doesn't correspond to what you want. And? Accepting reality is the first step to peace and happiness. Let go of the past, of what hurt you - and live your life now. Act on the changes you want to see - in a realistic way.

Treat yourself kindly. You are doing the best you can. Don't torture yourself with dark thoughts. Keep where there is light. See and accept reality as it is. Have compassion towards yourself and others.

We are all in this world together. We all want the same thing: happiness.


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